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One half of female identity theft pair arrested after vehicle crash

When we hear a word, most of us picture a certain image or scenario in our minds. When we hear the term white collar crime for instance, we may picture a business man in an office desk handling large financial sums. This isn't always the case. Identity theft is one of those instances in which we might think that only a businessman will be charged.

Two women were accused of having a "Thelma and Louise" kind of relationship when police arrested one half of the female pair for an alleged crime spree that began with identity theft and then escalated into other kinds of theft, including reports that the two women had stolen vehicles.

Police arrested the 22-year-old woman on Saturday afternoon after they had traced her across several states. The woman had been seen driving closely towards a vehicle that had been reported stolen. Police assumed that the two vehicles were traveling together, driven each by one of the two women. Law enforcement turned on their lights and entered into a pursuit with the vehicles. The woman driving behind the vehicle that had been reported stolen ended up crashing into a parked car when her vehicle spun out of control.

Police ended up arresting the woman and charging her with identity theft and other property theft crimes. It is unclear whether federal officials were involved in the investigation. However, in instances where alleged crimes cross state boundaries, federal authorities often take jurisdiction and the charges could end up in federal court.

Source: CBS, "Police: 'Thelma & Louise'-Style Joyride Stretched From Illinois To Colorado," Feb. 3, 2013

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