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Plea deal for possession results in Florida diversion program

Drugs that are determined to be illegal by law are present in most Florida communities but aren't always found in plain sight. Since illegal drugs are not common in all areas or households within a community, illegal drugs are typically located in what is commonly referred to as a drug house. In general, drug houses are places where an individual can obtain illegal drugs and/or illegal drugs are sold at the location.

When a drug house is located within a Florida community, the local law enforcement may easily become aware of the existence of the drug house but may not have the sufficient probable cause to enter. A local drug house, which was known by surrounding law enforcement, was the location of the drug arrest of two individuals who were found inside.

Prior to the arrests, the police observed the two individuals leaving the known drug house. After police witnessed the two individuals leaving the house, the police stopped the two individuals while they were traveling in a vehicle. During the police stop, the police discovered what they believed to be marijuana and cocaine inside the vehicle. After the stop, one of the individuals in the vehicle was charged with possession charges and the other individual who had been driving was charged with traffic offenses.

The individual who was charged with the drug-related offense recently had his court hearing for drug charges. During the court hearing, the defendant entered into a plea agreement with the prosecution. As part of the plea agreement, the defendant has agreed to complete a pretrial diversion program. A pretrial diversion program generally allows the defendant to complete educational courses related to the pending criminal charges in lieu of a criminal trial or criminal sentencing.

Source: WINKO News, "Drug arrest plea deal," Jan 9, 2013

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