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May 2012 Archives

Airport police officer accused of looking the other way

Everyone knows airports have heightened security. The heightened security measures were put in place to protect passengers, but they function for other activities too. Since airport security is difficult to get around, one man allegedly attempted to pay money to an airport police officer in exchange for keeping quiet about the oxycodone he had in his baggage. The exchange led to charges of bribery and extortion.

Real estate fraud involved dressing in drag to pose as mother

Those involved in a fraud can devise creative ways to disguise their identity. In recent real estate fraud arrest, a man chose to conduct the actions by dressing like and posing as his mother. This fraud scheme lasted for six years until the perpetrator was arrested and recently convicted.

UPDATE: Oveido pardoned, could return to the Marlins as closer

Juan Carlos Oveido -- formerly known as Leo Nunez in the baseball world -- may be able to return to Miami to do what he loves most: play baseball. As we wrote in a prior post, the Major League Baseball pitcher has been anxiously waiting in the Dominican Republic after being placed on the restricted list for falsifying documents related to his professional baseball contract.

Father and son accused of participating in $10 million fraud

Debt collection agencies handle a large amount of money and collect personal information about their debtors and clients. The access to the amount of money and information available to a debt collection agency created the environment for an alleged $10 million fraud scheme. Two of the men allegedly involved in the fraud scheme were employed by a debt collection agency. One of the men is from Florida and the other is from New York.

Gambling: Easy to say, hard to understand in Florida

Gambling has been around for centuries, literally. There are many types of gambling all the way from children making bets about how high they can jump all the way to world-wide internet poker. However, understanding what kinds of gambling are legal and what kinds are illegal is a full-time job in Florida, which is why attorneys focus on keeping up with current gambling regulations.

40-year-old conviction costs customer service agent her job

Some people think that a minor offense like possession of marijuana, a single incident of theft or disturbing the peace has no effect on their future. We have said it before and we will say it again, even a small charge is worth fighting.

Filmmaker's tweets call into question Miami robbery conviction

Earlier this year a young man's life was changed forever when he was accused and convicted in a Miami-Dade criminal court of committing the armed robbery of a convenient store. It was assumed that his conviction was determined by an impartial jury of his peers, but that conviction has been called into question after it was discovered that one of the jurors had been tweeting during the trial.

Largest suspected Medicare fraud charges amount to $452 million

Medicare fraud is a type of fraud that involves the collection of money from the Medicare healthcare program under false or fraudulent claims. Since there are many types of healthcare claims, many claims that are fraudulent are not reported and many claims that are suspected as fraud are legitimate claims.

City employee accused of embezzling $30 million

Public sector employment comes with a lot of responsibility and trust, but not always a large salary. So when a city employee, who earns an approximate salary of $80,000 per year, acquires a vast amount of financial assets, law enforcement officials begin asking questions.

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