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February 2012 Archives

Former Florida football player charged with a violent crime

A former Florida college football player was arrested on murder charges. The man, a former NFL and University of Miami football player, was arrested and charged for the violent crime of the murder of another man. The athlete was arrested, pursuant to a warrant and without incident, from his Lawrenceville, Georgia residence by the DeKalb County police. He is currently in custody, without bond, at the DeKalb County Jail.

Deal made with feds in Fort Lauderdale racketeering case

The advanced age and poor health of a Florida mobster convicted of racketeering charges recently resulted in a reduction of his prison sentence in a Fort Lauderdale federal court. According to a report in the Miami Herald, the 78-year-old mobster had a 14-year prison sentence cut in half and got another 6-month sentence reduction because of his age, declining health and his cooperation with authorities.

Federal money structuring laws can impact Florida transactions

Money laundering and money structuring are financial transactions that are primarily associated with tax evasion or illegal activity. The federal law called the Bank Secrecy Act is used to charge money laundering and money structuring claims. This federal law has the potential to be applicable to financial transactions in Florida.

GPS case decision could have effect on Miami investigations

We recently wrote about a GPS tracking case heard by the United States Supreme Court. The decision not only addressed issues about privacy and warrantless searches, but it had the effect of reversing a conviction for a man who was tracked by police for several days. Police failed to obtain a warrant based on probable cause before deciding to place a GPS device on the suspect's car.

Over-the-fence fight in Miami leads to drug, weapon offenses

Disagreements over the property line, whether a tree should come down, runoff that damages the rose garden, loud noises and late-night get-togethers are only some of the issues on an endless list of neighborly complaints. Some problems between neighbors become so intense that physical altercations are not a surprising result.

South Florida men charged with mail fraud

Committing mail fraud is a crime with severe penalties in Florida, where three South Florida workers are facing fraud charges over a kickback scheme. Their job duties allowed the men to allegedly conspire to commit mail and wire fraud when one man worked as a superintendent at Calder Race Course in Miami Gardens. The alleged criminal actions resulted in the theft of millions of dollars, according to a report from the Department of Justice. These mail fraud charges are the result of being caught up in a kickback scheme involving expensive chemical orders. Chemicals were ordered and paid for by the men, two of whom worked for a Florida chemical supply company. About 80 percent of chemicals ordered were never delivered and the three men split the money, according to DOJ charges. In addition, they are suspected of tax evasion and failure to report income.

58 people arrested in fed's online identity theft operation

The resources that the federal government has access to are vast, and those resources are combined to target individuals in sting operations. When they are conducted over the internet, it is even easier to target individuals. Many internet users falsely believe that once something is deleted, it is gone. However, federal investigators have the tools to access information a person thought was gone forever.

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