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Florida federal assistant accused of corruption in drug case

In Hollywood, Florida, drug trafficking charges have been made against a federal legal assistant who may have committed an act of corruption. At the time of the incident, the legal assistant worked at the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami.

She allegedly had ties to a drug trafficking ring that operated in South Florida. Her spouse and seven other persons were arrested as suspects in a conspiracy operation that possessed and distributed large amounts of illegal substances in several south Florida counties where they reside.

Department of Justice (DOJ) and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) spokespersons declined to comment on the arrests because of the ongoing investigations into the alleged crimes. In the indictment, it was estimated that this group had been involved in drug trafficking since 2000. Charges include use of telephone and cellphones to operate and advance a criminal drug operation. If convicted, these suspects face up to a life in prison.

The DOJ has recused the local Miami U.S. Attorney's office from being involved in the prosecution because the legal assistant was an employee, and they placed the assignment with the Pensacola division instead. The legal assistant is also charged with felony obstruction of justice. Her alleged leak of information would violate Federal criminal procedure rules of secrecy.

There are many reasons why someone becomes involved in criminal activity; it is not always that they were "born bad" or have evil intent. A criminal defense lawyer upholds everyone's rights as innocent until proven guilty. They investigate to ensure that a suspect is afforded all rights allowed by law to obtain a fair trial. If you are a suspect in criminal activity, it is essential to contact a criminal defense lawyer right away to protect your freedom and rights.

Source: Sun Sentinel, "Federal legal assistant accused of aiding drug trafficking ring," Juan Ortega, Jan. 13, 2012

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