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Lake County woman charged with federal theft and fraud crimes

Using someone else's personal information in order to commit a fraudulent act is illegal everywhere in the United States, including Florida. Many of the most common forms of fraud are termed white collar crimes, and many of them are investigated by federal agents from agencies that are charged with investigating suspected acts of forgery, racketeering, pyramid schemes, bribery, extortion and identity theft.

When criminal charges are prosecuted in federal courts, mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines are followed and harsh penalties are imposed on those convicted of these offenses.

West Florida man faces 10 child pornography charges

Law enforcement investigates Internet crimes related to child pornography, online child solicitation, Internet fraud, gambling and cyberterrorism. Anyone in Florida accused of an Internet crime could face serious consequences. Because authorities have considerable resources and teams of attorneys who do nothing but work exclusively on Internet crimes, accused persons may find it difficult to fight charges against them.

A 29-year-old North Fort Myers man may soon find this out, after being recently arrested and charged with child pornography and related offenses. After police searched his house, they allegedly found graphic digital images on his computer of juveniles engaged in sexual acts. News sources report that the man's arrest by agents followed execution of a search warrant at his house.

Owner of Auto Loss Claims Consultants faces fraud charges

Criminal activities come in many forms. In Florida, fraudulent acts such as insurance fraud, identity theft and embezzlement are common. These types of criminal offenses are typically committed so someone can make money. Fraud cases are often handled by federal agents who work with local officials to obtain evidence against suspects.

Recently, a 47-year-old Weston man who owned Auto Loss Claims Consultants in Davie was charged with car insurance fraud. He was accused of filing false claims using information taken from car accident victims to recover money from insurance companies.

Man and woman face drug charges following DUI traffic stop

Florida law enforcement officials work aggressively to stop the possession, production and distribution of prohibited and regulated drugs. They follow leads, tips and reports of possible criminal activity, sometimes even going to extremes to catch a person they see as suspicious. .

Police officers and sheriff's deputies often conduct their investigations before they press charges against suspects. At other times, though, a simple traffic stop can uncover people suspected of drug-related offenses.

Florida man arrested on an attempted murder charge

When Miami-Dade, Florida residents discuss violent crimes, they often refer to serious offenses including murder, domestic violence, homicide, robbery and rape. A person charged with a violent crime is often ostracized by the public and already considered guilty of the crime even though the allegations have not yet been proven in court. A suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty in court and that suspect also has the right to defend him or herself against allegations in a court of law.

A 55-year-old Florida man was recently arrested on an attempted murder charge after he allegedly harmed his 87-year-old father during an altercation. Based on the report, the suspect returned home when his father confronted him regarding a broken appliance. An argument ensued and the father allegedly grabbed a sledgehammer and ordered his son to leave the house.

Insurance fraud charges levied against Florida police officers

White collar crimes are associated with financial mismanagement such as fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, bribery and insider stock trading. Any Floridian under investigation for or charged with a white collar crime must understand that early intervention is the key to fighting the charges. Conviction of a white collar crime, depending on the nature of the offense, can lead to serious consequences, such as damaged reputation, prison sentence, fines and penalties.

Recently, a 38-year-old police officer and a 40-year-old former police officer were charged with arson and fraud in Florida. Based on the report, the suspects allegedly conspired to burn a boat owned by one of the suspects in order to collect the insurance money.

Florida music teacher faces child pornography charges

The Internet serves many purposes. Many South Floridians use the Internet for checking email, making online transactions, downloading videos and connecting with loved ones and friends through various social networking sites. Because Internet use is now embedded in the daily lives of many individuals, people with criminal intent are now using the Internet to prey on potential victims. Internet FBI agents are constantly searching for people using the internet to commit various criminal offenses.

A 28-year-old music teacher who works at a Broward County, Florida, school was recently apprehended by local authorities after the discovery of more than 95 videos clips of child pornography on his computer. Detectives from the South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force discovered the videos on the teacher's laptop, which was in the classroom where the teacher conducts music lessons.

Son arrested on fraud charges after arrival at Florida airport

Fraud charges are associated with crimes committed for financial gain. In Miami-Dade County, Florida, fraudulent acts come in many forms such as embezzlement, tax fraud, a Ponzi scheme, identity theft, money laundering and forgery. A person charged with any of these offenses is likely to be prosecuted in state or federal court, depending on the nature of the offense. Conviction can lead to prison time, fines and other serious penalties.

Recently, a 49-year-old Tamarac, Florida, man was arrested for an alleged exploitation of an elderly person after his arrival at a local airport from Trinidad. According to a police report, the suspect allegedly refinanced the home owned by his mother and father and took the proceeds of the mortgage over the course of several transfers.

Two men face charges for allegedly cultivating cannabis in house

The use, distribution and manufacturing of certain drugs is strictly prohibited in Florida. These drugs are held to be dangerous by federal, state and local governments. Depending on the type and quantity of a drug seized by law enforcement officials, a person can be charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance or felony drug trafficking. Drug charges vary, and so do the consequences attached if a suspect is convicted.

Recently, two men were arrested on drug charges after Palm Bay police officers discovered a home filled with marijuana plants that had an estimated street valued of $600,000. A total of 190 marijuana plants were seized in the house on Truman Street. The six-foot to eight-foot-tall plants would yield an estimated 150 pounds of marijuana, according to drug enforcement officers. A pound sells for around $4,000 on the street.

Miami man accused of murder during burglary

In North Miami, one man was arrested on a first-degree murder charge following the death of a 52-year-old woman that allegedly occurred during a residential burglary. Police stated that the unemployed suspect confessed to the crime.

According to a police report, the suspect was confronted by the woman during a weekend burglary at her apartment on Northeast 118th Street near Northeast 2nd Avenue. The suspect strangled the woman using a cord and then continued to burglarize the home before stealing the victim's car.

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